Rare Pictures Of The Beatles Larking About


Hip young gunslingers Paul and John lark about in a ranch in Bel Air, just prior to their big gig at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Was this moment the inspiration for ‘Dig A Pony’? Possibly, possibly…24th August, 1964.


This “hey, pretty ladies” shoot happened at the Deauville Hotel at Miami Beach in Florida. Appropriately enough for the soft-focus vibes of the snap, it took place on Valentine’s Day, 1964.


Looking like he works for Hampton Court’s Ents department at the weekend, Ringo is actually dressed up like Sir Francis Drake for the show ‘Around The Beatles’. He’s just about the fire a cannon to mark the beginning of the show which was recorded at Rediffusion’s studios in Wembley, London. 28th April, 1964.



Paul and George performing at Forest Hills in front of 16,000 people. They play 12 songs bookended by ‘Twist And Shout’ and ‘Long Tall Sally’. The crowd, obviously, go nuts for them. 29th August, 1964.


John, Paul and George toast to absent friends (well, Ringo) in Paris as they wait for the drummer whose flight had been delayed by fog at Liverpool Airport. 14th January, 1964.


George displays his impressive sword balancing skills with John at Dromoland Castle in Ireland. Ringo was hiding inside the Olive tree. 27th March, 1964.