Raw Power: Rare Iggy Pop photos by Mick Rock


Today (April 21) marks the legendary Iggy Pop’s 68th birthday. Celebrate with a look through these special Iggy snaps, created in collaboration with Pop and esteemed music photographer Mick Rock. The photos are available as a limited edition set of art prints and here we present the originals. For more information visit foruli.co.uk. Copyright Mick Rock.


‘Raw Power’ was the third album by The Stooges, mixed by David Bowie and released on 7th February 1973 through Columbia Records. Copyright Mick Rock.


The album was recorded in London’s CBS Studios, from 10 September – 6 October 1972. Copyright Mick Rock.



Kurt Cobain wrote in his Journals numerous times that Raw Power was his favourite album of all time. Copyright Mick Rock.


NME Godlike Genius Johnny Marr has praised James Williamson’s guitar playing on the album. “I’m his biggest fan. He has the technical ability of Jimmy Page without being as studious, and the swagger of Keith Richards without being sloppy. Original photograph copyright Mick Rock. Lyrics by Iggy Pop. Design copyright Foruli Ltd 2013


Marr added: “He’s both demonic and intellectual, almost how you would imagine Darth Vader to sound if he was in a band.” Copyright Mick Rock.


Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols once claimed that he learned to play guitar by taking speed and playing along to Raw Power. Copyright Mick Rock.