Reading And Leeds Festival 2009 In Pictures


1Leeds Festival 2009

Leeds Festival 2009 for NME Matt Richardson/NME
The main stage at Leeds. Curiously at Reading, the big screens surrounding the stage were resting on the ground yesterday (Friday), which meant punters could only see the top half of the performers' heads. Pic: Richard Johnson


Eagles Of Death Metal branded Arctic Monkeys an "enigma" during their main stage set in Leeds on Friday (Aug 28th). "I'm sure feeling fucking nervous," Jesse Hughes told the crowd. "I just want to shake my dick and make you all feel happy." Pic: Emilie Bailey

3Leeds Festival 2009

Couteeners at Leeds Festival 2009 for NME
The Courteeners start "rocking the main stage" mid-afternoon on Friday (28th) in Leeds. They were sandwiched between Enter Shikari and Ian Brown. Pic: Richard Johnson


Stewards on the Leeds site. Many music lovers choose to work at the festival in return for a free ticket. Oxfam stewards, for example, grab a free pass and special camping in return for completing three eight-hour shifts. Bless. Pic: Dan Dennison


6Leeds Festival 2009

Leeds Festival 2009 for NME Andy Hughes/NME
Punters at  the Leeds leg on Friday, which saw action from Arctic Monkeys, The Prodigy and Maximo Park. Pic: Richard Johnson

7Leeds Festival 2009

Leeds Festival 2009 for NME
This year the sites are cleaner than ever, thanks to new initiatives that reward punters for returning their plastic cups. Keep clicking through the gallery for all the action, including live shots of headliners Arctic Monkeys and Kings Of Leon. Pic: Richard Johnson


Marina And The Diamonds bring the shimmering pop goodness to Leeds' Festival Republic stage on Friday (Aug 28th). Pic: Dan Dennison


Hockey used their set on the Festival Republic stage in Leeds to insult the crowd's fashion sense. Pic: Emilie Bailey

10Leeds Festival 2009

Leeds Festival 2009 for NME
Reading Festival dates right back to 1961, many years earlier than the first Glastonbury. However, back then it was called the National Jazz Festival. Pic: Richard Johnson

11Leeds Festival 2009

Leeds Festival 2009 for NME
The merch stand at Leeds. Festival attire has ranged from the usual band T-shirts to a man dressed as a can of Spam and also someone in full Winston Churchill get-up, including cigar. Pic: Richard Johnson


Fans tramp through the mud near the Leeds fairground. The weather on Friday was a mixture of rain and shine on both sites. Pic: Emilie Bailey

13Leeds Festival 2009

Leeds Festival 2009 for NME
Some savvy festival-goers relax in their chairs covered by ponchos during a light shower. Pic: Richard Johnson

14Leeds Festival 2009

Maccabees Play Leeds Festival 2009 for NME
The Maccabees play live at Leeds, backed by a three-piece brass section. Bobble hat-wearing frontman Orlando Weeks seemed grateful for the impressive turn-out, thanking the crowd for turning up, but aside from introducing songs kept other chat to a minimum. Pic: Richard Johnson

15Leeds Festival 2009

Couteeners at Leeds Festival 2009 for NME
Crowds pack out the Leeds site on Friday (Aug 28th). They were treated to The Rakes, Eagles Of Death Metal and Ian Brown during the afternoon. Pic: Richard Johnson

16Leeds Festival 2009

The Chapman Family Leeds Festival 2009 for NME
The Chapman Family play Leeds on Friday (Aug 28th). The band have recently announced a new UK tour, starting in London on September 12th. Pic: Richard Johnson

17Leeds Festival 2009

The Chapman Family Leeds Festival 2009 for NME
The Chapman Family at Leeds on Friday (Aug 28th). The band release their new single 'Virgins' on Oct 12th. Pic: Richard Johnson


Chickenhawk at Leeds on Friday (Aug 28th). The band were photographed by NME photographer Danny North. They gave a shout out to him and the crowd responded with a bigger cheer that any for the band themselves. Pic: Danny North


Chickenhawk at Leeds on Friday. They - along with everyone else from yesterday - have made the trek to the Reading site to play today (Saturday). Pic: Danny North


Delphic played a lunchtime slot on the NME/Radio 1 stage in Leeds on Friday (Aug 28th), ending with recent singles 'This Momentary' and 'Counterpoint'. Pic: Danny North


Detroit Social Club play a raucous Festival Republic set at Leeds on Friday. The Newcastle six piece treated a healthy crowd to recent singles 'Sunshine' and 'Rivers & Rainbow'. Pic: Dan Dennison

22Leeds Festival 2009

Leeds Festival 2009 for NME
Crowds shelter from the rain in front of the Main Stage at Leeds on Friday (Aug 28th). Keep clicking for all the pics from the festival, including Hockey, The Maccabees and Them Crooked Vultures. Pic: Richard Johnson


Enter Shikari bring the rock-rave noise to Leeds' Main Stage on Friday night (Aug 28th). The band are on tour this October, starting in Belfast on the 2nd. Pic: Danny North


Sam Hussein/The Getty Gallery
Enter Shikari posed backstage at Leeds Festival 2009. The band played a raucous set on the Main Stage but there was none of the pants action of their Download performance. Pic: Danny North


Music fans queue at the NME Signing Tent. Festival-goers can meet bands on both sites at the signing sessions that take place throughout the day. If you're at the festival look out for posters updated each day with the schedule times and line-ups. Pic: Emilie Bailey


Danny North
Dave Grohl of Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Probot and now, Them Crooked Vultures. The band played a surprise show on the NME/Radio 1 stage in Leeds and are rumoured to be doing the same at Reading today (August 29).
Pic: Danny North


Danny North
The legendary John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin performing with Dave Grohl and Josh Homme as crunching rock supergroup Them Crooked Vultures.
Pic: Danny North


Danny North
The towering presence of frontman Josh Homme of Them Crooked Vultures. Homme produced much of the new album 'Humbug' from this years Reading and Leeds headliners Arctic Monkeys.
Pic: Danny North

29The XX

Sam Hussein/Getty Images Gallery
Radar favourites The xx hit the Festival Republic stage in Leeds on Friday (Aug 28th). For full coverage of the festival, including news, pictures and video interviews, head to NME.COM/festivals. Pic: Tom Oxley


Denver's electro-crunk goofballs 3OH!3 bring the noise to Leeds on Friday night (Aug 28th). Pic: Richard Johnson


Reading Festival from the air. For a full-size picture from the site, be sure to buy this week's NME magazine, and head to our blog for a video dispatch from the snappers' helicopter. Pic: Andy Willsher

32Leeds Festival 2009

Leeds Festival 2009 for NME
Reading and Leeds festival 2009 is in full swing. Keep clicking through this gallery for all the latest photos from down the front at the best shows and backstage behind-the-scenes as the action happens. Pic: Richard Johnson


White Lies preformed a shimmering set in Leeds on Friday night before making the trip to the NME cabin for a very random NME interview. Check out this week's mag for the full thing. Pic: Dan Dennison

34Leeds Festival 2009

The Gossip play Leeds Festival 2009 for NME
Gossip headlined the NME/Radio 1 stage on Friday night in Leeds. Check out NME.COM/video for a full video interview with the band. Pic: Richard Johnson


Kaiser Chiefs make their UK comeback at Reading on Friday night (Aug 28th). They were in fine form on the Main Stage, with Ricky asking the crowd, "Are you in a dancing mood? Are you in a singing mood? You better fucking be!" Pic: Andy Willsher


Caitlin Mogridge/NME
The Temper Trap follow up their recent NME Radio session with a fantastic set at Reading on the Festival Republic stage. Despite some technical difficulties they played a sterling set that ended with 'Science Of Fear'. Pic: Tom Martin



Ken Leanfore
If you're wondering where Wally is, he was caught at the front of the Fall Out Boy crowd in Reading on Friday (Aug 28th). Pic: Tom Martin


Derek Bremner/NME
Jamie T kept the electric atmosphere of the NME/Radio 1 tent going with a massively over-subscribed show in Reading on Friday. Pic: Tom Martin


Derek Bremner/NME
Deftones play the Main Stage in Reading on Friday (Aug 28th). For a blog report on the band's show check out our festival blog. Pic: Tom Martin


Sam Hussein/Getty Images Gallery
A bunch of Supermen pose for the camera in Reading on Friday. Other fancy dress costumes include Strongbow Man, Dalmation Man and Spam Man. Oh and of course those horrendous pink tutus. Pic: Tom Martin


Chalkie Davies/Press
Faith No More headline the NME/Radio 1  stage on Friday night in Reading. The band added an impromptu cover version to their set, the 'EastEnders' theme tune. Pic: Ian Dewsbury


Kings Of Leon headline the Main Stage at Reading on Friday (Aug 28th). Pic: Andy Willsher


Maxim from The Prodigy gears up for their Main Stage slot at Leeds on Friday night head of Arctic Monkeys. They started their set with 'World's On Fire' while the crowd set off several flares and finished with their classic rave track 'Out Of Space'. Pic: Tom Oxley


Chalkie Davies/Press
Festival goers take to the skies at the fairground in Leeds. Keep clicking for more pictures from both sites. Pic: Danny North


Andy Hughes/NME
Glasvegas play the NME/Radio 1 stage ahead of headliners Gossip in Leeds on Friday night. They played a cover of The Korgis' 'Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime' during the set. Pic: Danny North


Chalkie Davies/Press
Maximo Park teamed up with a brass band for their Friday night Leeds set (Aug 28th). The band have just cancelled their entire Northern American tour due to illness. Pic: Danny North


Jenn Five/NME
The View play a mid-afternoon set on the Main Stage at Leeds on Saturday (Aug 29th). Today saw both sites bask in sunshine after a wet Friday. Pic: Danny North


Orit Pnini
White Lies play the Leeds leg of Reading And Leeds festival 2009. The band also DJed at a special Club NME night in Reading on Thursday night (Aug 27th) for thousands of festival punters. Pic: Danny North


Jenn Five/NME
"Leeds, I love you" Glasvegas' James Allen declared when they played the NME / Radio 1 stage on Friday night, before closing on 'Daddy's Gone'. Pic: Danny North


Glasvegas at Leeds on Friday night (Aug 28th). For video interviews with Glasvegas, Gossip, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and more head over to our festivals section. Pic: Danny North



Jenn Five/NME
The Prodigy open their Friday night Leeds' slot on the Main Stage with 'World's On Fire', 'Breathe' and 'Omen' from their recent album 'Invaders Must Die'. Pic: Tom Oxley

54The XX

Jenn Five/NME
The XX play Leeds' Festival Republic stage on Friday night. Keep clicking for loads more pictures from both sites across the weekend. Pic: Tom Oxley

55Florence and the machine @ Reading

Florence and the machine @ Reading
Florence And The Machine at Reading on Friday night. It was her birthday and she opened a parcel on stage, which contained a massive air horn. Pic: Andy Whitton



Chalkie Davies/Press
The Old Romantic Killer Band were among the new acts gracing the BBC Introducing Stage at Reading and Leeds this year. Pic: Dan Dennison


Kids In Glass Houses opened up the Main Stage at Leeds on Saturday (Aug 29th) before heading to the NME signing tent to meet the fans - and sign one guy's leg. Pic: Dan Dennison

59Crowd @ Reading

Crowd @ Reading Press
Saturday at Reading brought bright sunshine and kept the site dry, causing big dust clouds every time a circle pit started up. Pic: Andy Whitton

60Ian Brown @ Reading

Ian Brown @ Reading
Ian Brown ticked off the crowd for not dancing enthusiastically enough during his Main Stage set at Reading on Saturday (Aug 29th), before launching into a slow version of The Stone Roses' 'Fools Gold'. Pic: Andy Whitton


62Leeds Festival 2009

Metronomy Play Leeds Festival 2009 for NME
Metronomy dedicated 'Radio Ladio' to all the females in the crowd during their NME / Radio 1 set in Leeds on Saturday (Aug 29th). Pic: Richard Johnson

63Leeds Festival 2009

Vampire Weekend Play Leeds Festival 2009 for NME
Vampire Weekend used their Main Stage debut in Leeds on Saturday to play two new songs, 'White Sky' and a currently untitled track. Pic: Richard Johnson


By the third song, 'Reckless', Crystal Castles' Alice Glass jumped into the crowd - and stayed their for much of the rest of the set. Pic: Danny North

65Leeds Festival 2009

Bloc Party Play Leeds Festival 2009 for NME Richard Johnson
Bloc Party used their Main Stage slot to mock the Oasis split, with Kele asking "how are we dealing with the news? One of the great British institutions is no more. The final series  of Big Brother. Did you think I meant Oasis?" Pic: Richard Johnson

66Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O dedicated 'Maps' to all the "lovers" in the crowd during their Main Stage slot.  Pic: Tom Oxley

67Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yeah Yeah Yeahs ended their well-received set in Leeds with a frenetic version of 'Date With The Night'. Pic: Tom Oxley

68Leeds Festival 2009

Radiohead Play Leeds Festival 2009 for NME
Radiohead played a stunning set in Leeds on Saturday (Aug 29th), showcasing a mixture of new tracks and fan favourites including 'Paranoid Android' and 'Just'. Pic: Richard Johnson


"Radiohead can kiss my arse" Lostprophets' Ian Watkins told the crowd before launching into 'A Town Called Hypocrisy'. The Welsh metallers were headlining the NME / Radio 1 stage at the same time. Pic: Dan Dennison


Dan Dennison
Some of the fans who strangely chose Lostprophets over Radiohead in Leeds on Saturday night. Pic: Dan Dennison


Maximo Park brought a brass band to their Reading show. Watch them walk onstage here. Pic: Ian Dewsbury

72Leeds Festival 2009

La Roux Plays Leeds Festival 2009 for NME
La Roux headlined the Festival Republic stage at the same time as Radiohead in Leeds. She treated the crowds to 'In For The Kill', 'Bulletproof' and new single 'As If By Magic'. Pic: Richard Johnson



Chalkie Davies/Press
Gallows played a typically raucous set in the NME / Radio 1 tent this weekend. For a video interview with the band, check out our news story.  Pic: Danny North


76Marina and the Diamonds @ Reading

Marina and the Diamonds @ Reading
Marina & The Diamonds covered Late Of The Pier during her Reading set, treating the crowd to a stripped-down version of 'Space And The Woods'. Pic: Andy Whitton


Gossip played a typically understated show in Reading this weekend, before storming the NME portacabin and demanding we explain our planned mag coverage. Pic: Tom Martin

78Arctic Monkeys @ Reading

The Prodigy - The Fat of the Land
Arctic Monkeys @ Reading
Arctic Monkeys' headline set received mixed reaction from the crowds and critics. Read the full report here. Pic: Andy Whitton


The Big Pink play a short, sharp set at Reading festival to showcase their debut album 'A Brief History Of Love' Pic: Andy Willsher



Lightspeed Champion hits the Festival Republic stage in Leeds. For full coverage of the weekend, grab next week's NME magazine on Wednesday. Pic: Emilie Bailey





Matt Richardson
Stewards at Reading amongst some rubbish. This year festival goers get 10p for every cup they bring back, so the site is looking a lot cleaner than usual. Pic: Tom Martin



Batman and The Joker make up at Reading festival 2009. Pic: Tom Martin


Reading's normally lawless campsite has been more sedate this year, although we still have Sunday night - the traditional evening for chaos - to get through. Pic: Tom Martin

89Deadmau5 @ Reading

Deadmau5 @ Reading
Deadmau5 headlines the dance stage in Leeds on Saturday night (Aug 29th). Head over to NME.COM/festivals for news, pictures, blogs and video from the sites as it happens. Pic: Andy Whitton

90Deadmau5 @ Reading

Deadmau5 @ Reading David Ripley/PA Photos
Deadmau5 at Leeds festival 2009. He headlined the dance stage above Vitalic and MSTRKRFT. Pic: Andy Whitton


Jenn Five/NME
Passion Pit packed the tent to capacity at Reading today (Aug 30th). Pic: Tom Martin


Alice Glass of Crystal Castles at Reading, shortly before being rescued by security after diving into the crowd. Crowd surfing during 'Air War', the singer struggled to get back on stage as the audience thronged around her. Pic: Tom Martin


Later on during Crystal Castles' Reading set, frontwoman Alice Glass again went into the crowd to meet her fans. Similar scenes took place the day before at the Leeds leg of the festival. Pic: Tom Martin


Deftones play the main stage at Leeds. The California rockers played in between Funeral For A Friend and Fall Out Boy. Pic: Danny North



Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs during the band's set at Reading. The trio played before Bloc Party. Pic: Tom Martin


98Leeds Festival 2009

The crowd enjoy a performance on the main stage during the 2009 Leeds Festival at Bramhall Park, Leeds.
Crowds gather at Reading's main stage. This year there were 78,500 ticket holders at the Southern leg of the festival - this will increase next year to 82,000 and in 2010 will be 85,000. Pic: PA Photos


The Prodigy for NME
Dean Chalkley/NME
As Kings Of Leon played Leeds frontman Caleb Followill annouced to the crowd that it was to be their last English gig "for a long, long time." He also told the Leeds crowd that they were much more receptive than their Reading counterparts, saying "We're only five songs in and you've blown Reading to hell." Pic: Danny North



Radiohead opened their headline show at Reading with 'Creep' after Thom Yorke greeted the crowd with a simple "Wassup!". The Oxford band played the final night of the festival, with 'Karma Police', 'Just' and 'Paranoid Android' included in the set. Pic: Tom Martin


St Albans trio Friendly Fires play the NME/Radio 1 Stage at Leeds. The band treated the audience to 'Jump In The Pool', 'Paris' and forthcoming single 'Kiss of Life'.
Pic: Danny North


Placebo thanked the Leeds crowd for braving the "shitty elements" as rain lashed the crowd during their performance. The band played a career-spanning set, which included early fan favourites 'Special K' and 'Every You Every Me'. Pic: Danny North


Kaiser Chiefs laid into the Reading crowd during their Leeds set, with frontman Ricky Wilson saying "You're making Reading look like playschool," before playing 'Ruby'. He then went on to accuse Reading of being "miserable bastards" after a raucous 'I Predict A Riot'. Pic: Danny North


Jenn Five/NME
Kaiser Chiefs took time out from their 'homecoming' show at Leeds Festival to reassure fans that recent rumours they are to split are not true.
Pic: Danny North


Brody Dalle of Spinnerette gets cosy with a fan in the NME signing tent in Leeds. Brody is married to Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, who was performing at the festival with his supergroup Them Crooked Vultures. Pic: Ben Cannon


Jenn Five/NME
The Rakes striking a pose at the Leeds site. The band's third album 'Klang' was released in the UK back in March, but will finally be released digitally in the USA in October. Pic: Ben Cannon


Beth Ditto from Gossip with some rather chuffed fans in the NME signing tent in Leeds. During her band's Leeds show, Ditto treated the crowd to an acapella rendition of Kings of Leon's 'Sex On Fire'. Pic: Ben Cannon


Marmaduke Duke livened up Reading by performing in leather gimp masks and medieval fancy dress. The duo - made up of Biffy Clyro's Simon Neil and Sucioperro's JP Reid - said little to the crowd, but were joined onstage by their Bez-like mascot The Duke. Pic: Tom Martin


Tomasz Majer
The Joy Formidable in Leeds. During a chat with NME before the band went onstage, frontwoman Ritzy Bryan revealed that she was looking forward to checking out Passion Pit, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Radiohead. Pic: Emilie Bailey



The Virgins hanging out in the NME signing tent at Reading. The band revealed that the weekend's shows are going to be some of their last for a while. Pic: Hugo May



Onsite at Leeds. There has been a Leeds leg of the festival since 1999. Pic: Emilie Bailey


The Horrors in the NME Signing Tent at Reading.
Pic: Hugo May

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