Shangri La – A Look At The Best Bits Of The Weirdest Glastonbury Area

If you’ve never been to Glastonbury, the words Shangri-La probably won’t mean that much to you. However, if you have, you’ll almost certainly be fizzing with excitement at the mere mention of the most special of the festival’s after-hours areas. We headed down on Thursday afternoon to see all of the best bits before the crowds descended on the field of dreams. In 2016, ‘Shangri-Hell’ is run by a corrupt media conglomerate with a Big Brother style press – known as Shangri Hell International Television (SHITV) – attempting to brainwash the residents, while Shangri-Heaven is being redeveloped into luxury real estate, called The Intoleranch. This year there’s the women’s only Sisterhood stage, art from Obey’s Shepherd Fairey, Gaz Mayall’s Rocket Lounge and Restaurant, the ‘exclusive’ Starf*ckerz VIP bar, Flappy Candy Clan Clash Crush Saga Live! and the Shangri Hell International Television Centre. Check it out here.