Slash In The Stone Roses? Here’s Eight More Stars Who Almost Joined Other Bands

The weird and wonderful almost-bands in history

As insane as it might be now to imagine Ian Brown pausing ‘Made Of Stone’ for three minutes while a voodoo-hatted hair fountain stomps on a monitor and lets loose a Sunset Strip riff barrage that sounds like someone’s dug a tunnel between the Viper Room and the Hacienda, it wasn’t such a crazy idea in 1996 that Slash might have joined The Stone Roses. He was at a loose end after quitting Guns’n’Roses, The Roses had just released a mammoth blues rock record with quasi-religious overtones and hey, Slash would only have to get the first half of each of his G’n’R tattoos fixed. A no-brainer, right?

Thankfully, this historical travesty – possibly the only thing that might have made The Roses at Reading 1996 even worse – was averted, just like the following stories of musicians almost joining completely the wrong band…