Tenebrous: The Photography of Steve Gullick


"This shot of Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth was taken at Reading 1991," says Steve. "Nirvana played on the same bill and that was the best I saw them. It was incredible."


Smog, aka Bill Callahan, in London in 1996. "This picture wasn’t conceived to be like this. I’ve got another picture of him in the exact same spot looking at the camera but something must have caught his eye down the alley just round the back of The 12 Bar and he looked away."


"Most of this photo session was them bowling which was good fun," says Steve. "There was this railway track behind the bowling alley as I started walking towards it, they were all worried about taking cliched rock and roll pictures, and that’s probably what that picture is. We actually climbed onto the train but it started moving as we were taking pictures so there was a mad scramble to get off it!"



"I can’t really remember where this shot of Mercury Rev was taken, because I was drunk," admits photographer Steve Gullick, "but it was on the road from Holyhead to Manchester. It’s basically around Snowdonia in North Wales in 1991."


Mark Lanegan in 1996. "Screaming Trees were the first band I photographed professionally," Steve says. "I go right back to 1990 with them. Mark’s a good friend of mine now."


"This picture of [The Fall’s] Mark E. Smith was taken outside the Leadmill in Sheffield in 2005 before playing there. He was lovely; I had never met him before. He was absolutely charming, the first thing he said to me was ‘do you want a beer cock?’"


This distorted picture of Jeff Buckley was taken in New York in 1995. "I was sick the day I took this shot," Steve remembers, "and he was sick of doing press. It was towards the end of the promotion for ‘Grace’. I said ‘I bet you’re sick of being made out to be this beautiful man, so let’s do an ugly session’ – and he was well up for it. It made it interesting for him and it turned a potentially horrible situation into a lot of fun."



This portrait of legendary singer-songwriter Elliott Smith was shot for the NME in Steve Gullick’s Bow studio in 1998, five years before Smith’s tragic – and much disputed – death. Steve has taken pictures for Sounds, Melody Maker and NME over the years.


Steve shot folk-rocking hippy Devendra Banhart in 2004 in Wansted Park, East London. He has photographed Banhart many times since then.


This shot of Magazine bassist and erstwhile member of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Barry Adamson, was taken outside Barry’s flat on Harrow Road, not long after he had recorded his 2002 album ‘The King of Nothing Hill’. "I took this picture for Loose Lips Sink Ships magazine and I’ve worked with Barry a lot in the past," Gullick remembers.