The 10 Best Sleevefaces On The Internet

The ever-reliable website defines a ‘sleeveface’ as “a participatory photo meme that involves placing a record sleeve in front of one’s face and taking a profile picture, which reveals a ‘hybrid face’ of the subject and famous person depicted on the vinyl cover”. But which are the best sleevefaces on the internet, and how can you achieve the glory of convincingly transforming into your favourite music icon? We asked the creators of the phenomenon, for their very favourite examples.


Using The Smiths’ 1987 single ‘Sheila Take A Bow’, which features Warhol superstar Candy Darling, this is some serious sleeveface. Look at the attention to detail! This dedicated sleevefacer has sourced the appropriate clothes and jewellery to complete the look. A more dour Smiths fan might say that joke isn’t funny any more, but they’d be dead wrong, because we’re just getting started.


Bryan Ferry’s second post-Roxy Music solo outing, Another Time, Another Place, this was largely a covers album, which is quite fitting given the nature of sleeveface.


A live record taped at Howard Stein’s Academy of Music in December 1973, Lou Reed’s ‘Rock n Roll Animal’ is a white-hot strut through the former Velvet Underground man’s swaggering back catalogue. But you can also use it for chilling on the sofa in sensible shoes.



As with The Smiths sleeveface that opened this gallery, this effort, featuring Olivia Newton John’s 1977 greatest hits compilation, is an admirably complete affair, with the sweaters matching perfectly. It’s only a shame that Olivia’s head is so big on the sleevefacer’s body that she looks like a Pez dispenser.