The 1975 In The Pink! Their Spectacular Live Return In Pictures


Some fans even began camping at 2am to secure a place at the front of the 2,300 capacity venue.


The band kicked off their performance with ‘Love Me’, the first track to be shared from their new album. Amongst tracks from their debut record, the quartet unveiled four more fresh cuts too.


In place of their previous monochrome stage production, the band were bathed in garish pink lights, reflecting the cover of their forthcoming record.



“We’re really happy to be here. We haven’t done this in a while,” Healy told the crowd before ‘Change Of The Heart’. “We’ve been in Los Angeles making our new album. We’re very proud of it so we should play it.”


“You guys must have fought for these tickets,” he continued. “There are 17 tracks. There’s no way we could delineate what it’s about, but we want to have a party.”


Wearing a pirate shirt and with corkscrew hair flailing, Healy looked every inch the frontman, striking the kind of messianic poses that caused Jarvis to moon Michael Jackson.


“I spend a lot of my time in The 1975 trying to rein in my love of pop,” Healy told an interviewer last year, when talking about collaborating with One Direction. With tonight’s show and their new material, the band removed the tastemaker-appeasing stabilisers and hit the lurid pop button.