The 20 Best Music Movies Ever


We’ve picked out the 50 best music films ever, the top 20 of which are listed here. And at Number 20, it’s that quintessential John Hughes movie with the ultimate 80s soundtrack, Pretty In Pink.


19. Glastonbury (2006). From the opening mud squelches onwards this documentary does what all great docs do – makes you wish you were right there in the thick of it. [View the full list]

Radiohead – Tramshed, London

17. Meeting People Is Easy (1998). It’s an anti-tour film, exposing the tedium rather than the glamour of being on-the-road. [View the full list]



16. Gimme Shelter (1970). Borrowing its title from one of the greatest tunes of all time, this is one of the essential music documentaries. [View the full list]


15. No Direction Home (2005). You don’t have to be a rabid Dylanologist to enjoy Martin Scorsese’s high-minded documentary about Bob Dylan’s career between 1961 and 1966. [View the full list]


14. Pulp Fiction (1994). The film that sees violence, comedy, crime and pop culture collide. [View the full list]


10. High Fidelity (2000). This is a film that speaks to anyone who’s ever obsessed over music to the detriment of human relationships. [View the full list]



8. Don’t Look Back (1967). More than a tour documentary, this film finds Dylan inventing the modern idea of the mercurial rock star. [View the full list]


6. Trainspotting (1996). Released in 1996, the height of Britpop, Danny Boyle’s breathtakingly distinctive film caught a unique moment in British culture: youthful, confident, alive with possibility. [View the full list]


4. Almost Famous (2000). Evokes an almost impossibly glamorous moment in time. [View the full list]


3. Control (2007). Stunningly shot in black and white, the modern classic focusses on Joy Division and the band’s enigmatic frontman Ian Curtis, who commited suicide aged just 23. [View the full list]



2. Anvil (2008). You don’t need to be a gumby old-school metal fan to appreciate the desperate poignancy of this award-winning documentary. [View the full list]


1. 24 Hour Party People (2002). As celebratory as it is comical, 24 Hour Party People bows at the altar of Manchester’s legendary, pioneering indie scene – while never being afraid to add a mischievous dash of the surreal to liven up proceedings. [View the full list]