‘The Beatles: Two Days In The Life’ – photography by Tom Murray and Michael Ward


The Beatles in Liverpool, February 1963. Paul McCartney is obscured behind Ringo Starr (right). Photographer Michael Ward wanted to re-shoot, but the band were ratty on account of the freezing weather, and refused to pose for further pictures. However, they returned to this visual concept for the ‘Abbey Road’ sleeve six years later.


The Beatles in Liverpool, February 19, 1963, a pivotal day in the history of the band. They were eager to get the shoot done quickly because the weather was so cold: Britain was two months into the harshest winter the country had seen since 1740.
Pic:Michael Ward / Genesis Publications


Paul McCartney and fans in Liverpool, February 19, 1963, shot by Michael Ward. Ward’s pictures have been combined with Tom Murray’s 1968 photos to create a new exhibition, ‘Two Days In The Life: The Beatles’, which runs from May 29 to July 4 at east London’s Idea Generation.



The Beatles play-fight above Old Street Underground Station, east London. It was one of several London locations the band visited on July 28, 1968, which became known as their ‘Mad Day Out’. It was the last time they would ever pose for official photos as a band.
Pic: Tom Murray