The far-out prog-rock album art of Roger Dean


To close out the series of talks at the British Museum Experience, Roger Dean and Storm Thorgerson will be discussing graphic design on Thursday April 7th. This classic “bubble” logo first appeared on the album ‘Close To The Edge’ by Yes. Dean, who designed the logo, continued to create covers for the band, up to ‘The Ladder’ (1999).


These two legendary artists are coming together to talk about their careers and works which have shaped the visual identities of the bands they have worked with. This image, the album artwork for Asia’s second album ‘Alpha’, features a basic pyramid and the grasping claw of an eagle, a theme used for the band’s first three album covers.


In 1981, Yes released ‘Classic Yes’, their second compilation album. These green towers were, according to Dean, “based upon a concept design I did for an Hotel in Australia in 1981.”