The Funniest Music Quotes Of 2015 So Far

Musicians, like children, need constant care and attention or they scream. Also like children, they sometimes say the funniest things. Here are some of the most outrageous quotes from the year so far…


Van McCann on Ewan McGregor coming to see Catfish & The Bottlemen in New York: “We put him down on the guest list as ‘Obi +1 Kenobi’.”


Azealia Banks on her abrasive online persona: “If you give a 19-year-old a million pounds and a bottle of vodka and a Chanel handbag and one of these [an iPhone] then what do you think’s going to happen?”


Charli XCX knows how to make her mates feel welcome on tour: “I posted a photo of him on Instagram after the tour, saying ‘Thank you for being my assistant and for inserting my tampons for the past month.’ He was so angry at me.”



Morrissey’s zinger for Al Gore: “Serving meat and dairy products at an event to combat climate change is like selling pistols at a gun-control rally.”


Alana Haim, on sisterly love: “Este told me I looked like Larry David today and I cried because that might be the nicest thing she’s ever said to me.”


Noel Gallagher on being in Oasis with brother Liam: “My argument is, ‘Be a cunt all you want but let’s do the gig first and then be a fucking dick’. His argument is, ‘I’m just being a dick all the time’. Repeat endlessly until fucking 2009.”


Alex James after ringing fellow Blur member Graham Coxon: “I asked Graham if he wanted me in the studio. He told me to fuck off.”



Ant * Dec after Kanye West’s performance at The Brits: “That was Kanye West. The only performer here tonight not to be interrupted by Kanye West”


Ed Sheeran on Elton John’s unusual messages of support: “He sent me one yesterday which was just a dude with a catapult shooting something into someone’s arse…”


Noel again: “My son actually said to me once, ‘You should get your hair cut like Gary Barlow’… I’ve shunned him since, he now lives in the shed!”


Neil Young gets a surprise when he meets Florence Welch: “I live in the mountains. I don’t know much media. I just thought you were a man called Florence.”