The great Rolling Stones drug bust


On the anniversary of their 1967 drug bust, we take a look the photos from that fateful night at Keith Richards’ West Sussex mansion. While the other party goers preferred a van ride from the beach back to Redlands, Keith decided to retreat on foot. Evidently, the gravel outside Rose Cottage on the B1279 was much to his liking.


Just hours before the raid on Redlands on February 12, 1967, Keith is pictured by Michael Cooper larking around outside his West Wittering cottage.


David Schneiderman, AKA David Britton, AKA David Jove. The legendary “Acid King” his leather attaché case cum mobile dispensary on display.



En route to Chichester Magistrates Court on May 10, Mick and Keith appear vaguely unconcerned with what lay ahead for them.


Leaving Chichester, England court, May 10, 1967 after electing to be tied by jury on drug possession charges.


Mick and Keith leave Chichester Magistrates Court after pleading not guilty to charges emanating from the Redlands’ raid, May 10.


Judge Leslie Kenneth Allen Block, Chairman of the bench at Chichester Court. Stern, intransigent and unforgiving, Block clearly revelled in the opportunity to put Mick and Keith behind bars.



Found guilty and handcuffed to a warder, Mick is driven from Chichester Court to Lewes Prison to be held until sentencing was decided, June 27, 1967.


Just hours after the details of the raid have been read out in court, Marianne Faithfull is photographed at Redlands carrying an early edition of the London Evening News – its headline forever connecting her with the scandal.


The jailing of Mick and Keith brought an extraordinary amount of support from their peers. In an act of solidarity, The Who rush-released a single containing two Jagger/Richards songs: ‘The Last Time’ and ‘Under My Thumb’.


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