The Kate Inside – Kate Bush’s Official Photographer Shares His Memories Of Shooting An Icon

Italian photographer Guido Harari spent a stint as Kate Bush’s official photographer and has collected some of his best images spanning 10 years in a new limited edition book. He’s shared some of those snaps with us, providing commentary for each one.

The Kate Inside, Kate Bush photographed by Guido Harari 1982-1993 is published on September 1 and is available to pre-order now. There will be an accompanying exhibition from 13-30 September 2016 at Art Bermondsey Project Space.




Guido Harari
It was my work with Lindsay Kemp that impressed Kate so much and triggered our collaboration of over ten years. It was a dream come true to be able to photograph Kate and Lindsay together on the set of her film "The Line, The Cross & The Curve" in 1993. She had certainly progressed immensely since her first classes with Lindsay at his Dance Center in Covent Garden so many years before. Kate asked to shoot a fly on the wall kind of reportage, no restrictions. Lindsay immediately picked up on my idea of shooting Kate taking a nap, no make-up and curlers in her hair. He was dressed up as the Madman and without a word he proceeded to go wild silent movie-style. Kate kept on sleeping, which made it all even funnier.








Guido Harari
In the book I've chosen to present my photos of Kate in the same order they were taken, giving an idea of how moods would shift from one set to the other. Kate did not appear to be that concerned about fashion and she arrived to the studio with an odd selection of outfits that would help her to transform (or pretend to trasnfrom) into this or that character. I loved this scarf although it was way too big for her and I love her smile and dimples.