The Many Faces Of Lady Gaga: The Pop Chameleon Through The Years

It’s been eight years since Lady Gaga came strutting into our lives in a pair of Alexander McQueen lobster claws and a body suit made of bubbles. An artistic hybrid of Bowie, Madonna and Warhol, Gaga has written some of the greatest pop songs of the 21st century. With a new album tipped for release this year, here we look back at Lady Gaga’s life and work until this point.



American Horror Story: October 2015

Gaga joined the cast of American Horror Story for the show’s fifth season in 2015. In American Horror Story: Hotel, Gaga played Elizabeth ‘The Countess’ Johnson, the fashion conscious hotel owner out for blood. She won the award for Best Actress – Mini-Series or TV Film at the 2016 Golden Globes for her enigmatic performance.

Lady Gaga Sings The National Anthem At Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 performance: February 2016

Earlier this year, Lady Gaga was invited to perform the American national anthem ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ for the Super Bowl 50. She called the performance “one of the highest honours of my career”.


Lady Gaga Sings A David Bowie Tribute At The 58th Grammys

David Bowie tribute at 58th Grammy Awards: February 2016

Following the announcement of Bowie’s death in January, Gaga performed a medley of tribute tracks to the singer at the 58th Grammy Awards show. The tribute was a collaboration with Nile Rodgers and Intel, featuring tracks from the artist’s ’70s and ’80s repertoire.


Moth Club performance: September 2016

Gaga chose to celebrate the release of ‘Perfect Illusion’ not with a cool party in LA, but by hitting up Hackney’s Moth Club for a sweaty, intimate gig with Mark Ronson. Gaga played two tracks; the new single, and a slowed down version of ‘Bad Romance’. See the full gallery.