The Stars of ‘Quadrophenia’ – Then and Now

Rev up your scooters, because a sequel to 1979’s cult mod movie Quadrophenia is currently in the works. The follow-up to The Who-scored film will start shooting this summer and is based on the Peter Meadows book To Be Someone. Directed by The Krays‘ Ray Burdis, it will see the return of a number of the original cast – including Phil Daniels and Toyah Wilcox. Here’s a peek at what they looked like then… and now.


The 1979 movie was based on The Who’s 1973 album. But was set in 1965. Get your head around that.


Phil Daniels starred as sensitive speed freak Jimmy. In 1994 he offered his dulcet tones to the Blur song ‘Parklife’ and regularly performed the track live with the band. He is currently appearing in the London production of Les Misérables.


Ray Winston played Jimmy’s mate, the rocker Kevin. He went on to become a professional cockney, appearing in everything from 2000 gangster flick Sexy Beast to 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.



New wave musician Toyah Willcox was Monkey. Her last album was 2008’s In the Court of the Crimson Queen – a reference to her partner Robert Fripp of King Crimson’s album In The Court of the Crimson King. The two appeared on All Star Mr & Mrs in 2013.