The wisdom of Kings Of Leon


A special fans’ magazine devoted to Kings Of Leon hits newsstands across the UK today. Containing new interviews, stunning photoshoots and a guide to all their albums, it’s also full of bizarre revelations and testimonies. GMTV’s Lorraine Kelly, for example, thinks Kings Of Leon are “full of spunk”. Pic: Dean Chalkley


Other celebrity fans we interviewed for our Kings Of Leon special include Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien, who told us: “They’re the greatest band on the planet right now. When I see them I think, ‘Man, I’d love to be in that band’.” Pic: Alex McGuire


Keep clicking for standout quotes from our Kings Of Leon special, including: “Early on we just partied. We did as much as a band could do in ten years and wrapped that up in about three.” (Nathan). Pic: Pieter M Van Hattem


kings of leon shot for nme magazine, location elms lester painting rooms

“Your brother can punch you in the face and you’re gonna be pissed off, but you get over it ‘cos it’s your brother” (Caleb). Pic: Dean Chalkley


“My mom can’t really understand the lyrics, so when I tell her about them she gets so sad she almost starts to cry.” (Jared). Pic: Kevin Westenberg


“I’m the guy who gets picked on a lot… these guys walk around the house naked, I don’t do any of that stuff.” (Matthew). Pic: Kevin Westenberg


“Dude, I’m telling you, preachers’ daughters are the wildest women you will ever meet.” (Nathan).



“Honestly, we were horrible housepainters. And that’s what we’d be doing if we weren’t doing this!” (Nathan). Pic: Kevin Westenberg


“The way Caleb writes, it’s weird. He just sits back and observes stuff. He’ll sing a song that he wrote about something you did four nights ago that you don’t even remember!” (Nathan) Pic: Tom Oxley

new young pony club

“I do a lot of cooking. We all have little hobbies. Matt buys cars, like every day, and Nathan works out and all kinds of shit.” (Matthew). The images in this gallery are all taken from NME’s Kings Of Leon special edition, which is on sale from today (June 17). Pic: Dean Chalkley

new young pony club

“I never get girls, they always think I’m the creepy old man of the band.” (Nathan). Pic: Dean Chalkley


new young pony club

“I swear to God, I don’t think I’ve ever gone to bed in London before the sun has come up.” (Jared) Pic: Dean Chalkley


“Our mom named her dog Sir Leonardo, which is a pretty tough life for a dog. She dresses him up in sombreros and calls him, ‘Sir’. We don’t claim him as a brother.” (Caleb) Pic: Jo McCaughey


“I can’t wait to get so fat that I can balance a coffee cup on my belly.” (Nathan).


“Come on, four albums in six years? Any naysayers can kiss my ass!” (Caleb).


“Occasionally you have to go a bit crazy, otherwise you’re fucked from the pressure. Sometimes you just have to act like a kid.” (Caleb). Pic: Jo McCaughey


“Headlining Glastonbury? I was throwing up all day.” (Caleb). Pic: Danny North


“We’ve all decided that maybe our final record will be called ‘The Altar Call’.” (Caleb). Pic: Colin Lane