The world according to Mike Skinner


Farewell then, The Streets: ‘Computers And Blues’ is to be the final album under that name. There’s a tribute to The Streets in the new issue. Meanwhile, here are a few of motormouth Mike Skinner’s most memorable quotes.


On climate catastrophe: “I do have a sense that the world will end. I’m not sure whether that makes me clinically depressed but I am aware how delicate our little bubble is.” (The Sun, 2008).


On his Brummie roots: “A lifetime of being told your accent sounds stupid doesn’t encourage you to stay faithful to that accent.” (The Independent, 2002)



On hedonism: “When you’re an artist you make an album and then you do what you like. Most rock stars don’t mean to die, there’s just nothing to stop you carrying on taking loads of drugs.” (Rap Dirt).


On near death experiences: “We used to have one of those gat guns that shot pellets. My friend pretty much had the thing at point-blank range to my temple. It popped out and completed its trajectory about a millimetre from my head.” (The Guardian, 2009).


On evolution: “For 10,000 years of civilisation we’ve been trying to get away from the fact that we’re fucking monkeys.” (The Guardian, 2008).


On his lyrical voice: “All I was really doing was taking the rap records and changing the bitches, the ho’s and the cars, into the Kronenburg, Bensons and girls.”



On his love of women: “I’ve got a feminine side … I can talk to women about the things they like. My mum will always come and show me what she’s going to wear before she goes out.” (The Sunday Times, 2006).


On the death of The Streets: “As uninteresting as The Streets is to talk about, the most interesting element of anything is its death, so if you’re going to talk about The Streets, ending The Streets is probably a good thing to talk about.” (The Guardian, 2011).


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