This Lego Recreation Of Glastonbury Is Hilariously Detailed

Legoland Windsor has revealed its take on Worthy Farm, complete with brick recreations of headliners Kayne West, Florence and the Machine and The Who. Here’s a closer look at it in all its miniature glory.


Lego Glastonbury took a model-making team 720 hours to build, using around 9,872 bricks, including 5,400 used to create the 50cm high Pyramid Stage based on precise dimensions supplied by the Glastonbury Festival team. Michael Eavis would be proud.


Even when only 10cm tall, Kanye looks to be causing trouble.


The recreation features mini portaloos, tents and festival-goers mud sliding in real Glastonbury Festival mud delivered direct to Legoland from Worthy Farm.



“The Model Makers have had a huge amount of fun creating the scene and the Festival team have been really helpful giving us stage dimensions and sending a special consignment of Glastonbury ‘mud’ fresh from the farm,” said a Legoland spokesperson.


The Glastonbury exhibit is open from today for the rest of festival season.


Now that’s what you call a block party.