This week’s NME (14 October 2009)


1Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher shot at Spring Studios for the NME
Oasis are officially dead. Liam Gallagher put the final nail into the band's coffin during an interview last week, declaring, "Oasis is no longer. I think we all know that. It's a shame but that's life... I'm thinking of what the next step is musically, which is all my mind's on." Pic: Dean Chalkley


David Edwards/NME
With so many bands wanting to play Glastonbury, co-organiser Emily Eavis is hatching a plan to fill 2010's festival with the most secret gigs yet. "We've got to cement all the headliners and there's some brilliant stuff flying around," says Eavis. "It's difficult because there's a lot coming in and we want to include as many as possible." Pic: Danny North


Foals have given yet another producer the heave-ho as they start working on album two. On the last record, the Oxfordshire outfit were disappointed with TV On The Radio's Dave Sitek, who got the boot for making the band's debut sound "too pristine". This time it was Paul Epworth who got the elbow. Pic: Tim Cochrane


Observer Music Monthly OMM Jarvis Cocker's Character puppet in 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox' new movie 'Petey' Jarvis Cocker 24/09/09
Jarvis Cocker is all set for the bright lights of Hollywood. To appear in Wes Anderson's new movie Fantastic Mr Fox, which is out next week (October 23), the former Pulp man has been turned into a puppet along with the other characters from Roald Dahl's children's book.


Carl Barat
A Libertines reunion is still on the cards for 2010. Ex-Libertine Carl Barat says: "If it happens it'll be next year. I'm just too busy. I want to make a solo album, and there's these plays I'm doing. Obviously I'd love to do it as long as everything was right - I don't want to be the guy looking like he is holding back - but it's got to be right. We're not at that place at the minute."


The Big Pink are strongly influenced by the Beastie Boys. Robbie describes how the Beasties’ hit tune 'Check Your Head' showed the duo how you could mix completely different genres, in a good way. "It combined punk rock with beats and hip-hop. It showed they could be combined and you could make something your own. This allowed me to see that you can mix electronic beats with guitars."




It turns out James from Glasvegas was living it up in Manhattan and not missing after all. So did he just forget about the Mercury Prize then? The band's frontman clarifies: "No, everyone else just disappeared, man, and everyone else in the world thought it was me that had disappeared, but me and New York came to an agreement that all there was, was me, New York, Central Park and sushi."


Taio Cruz was given a good start in life from his pa and learnt good etiquette at public school. The hitmaker looks back: "I went to boarding school. And they teach you manners at public school. My dad is a lawyer by trade but, before I was born, he started up his own import/export company importing things like sugar into Nigeria, which used to pay pretty well."



We won’t have to wait a whole year for Pavement’s reunion. With US dates booked for September 2010, the soon-to-reform indie outfit have announced they will headline and curate the ATP weekend in Minehead next May (14-16). No word on who they’re booking yet, but there should be more confirmed shows soon. Watch this space.


Gary Numan is an avid fan of the Starship Enterprise. "I've always been a bit of a Trekkie," admits Numan. "So, to have Captain Kirk doing one of your songs [William Shatner's covered 'Cars'] is pretty brilliant. I'm actually more proud of things like that than I am of getting to Number One."


Comanechi, Dark Star and Ellie Goulding are being played on the NME Stereo this week. And what isn't? That's easy. Green Day's 'East Jesus Nowhere’, The Rifles' 'Silence In Violence' and 'Bodies' by Robbie Williams.


Jamie T has been forced to postpone his entire UK tour. The Wimbledon troubadour had originally dropped out of six dates after suffering from laryngitis while playing shows in Australia. However, now all of the UK dates are being rescheduled, along with some European shows, to allow Jamie T to rest his voice and fully recover.


Behind the scenes on our Jamie T cover shoot. This is his back garden. Pic: Marian Paterson


Jamie T relaxes between shots during our cover shoot. Pic: Marian Paterson