This week’s NME (21 October 2009)



Having a gun in your Tennessee home is no big deal according to Paramore's leading lady Hayley Williams. "People's idea of the South is 'God and guns'. People just have a gun in their house. We used to have a gun, but after my mom and me moved out, we didn't." Guitarist Josh Farro nods in agreement, "It's actually very common in the South to own guns." Pic: Tom Oxley


Tom Oxley
The new line-up of Wolfmother played their first gigs under the name White Feather. Frontman Andrew Stockdale reverted to the original name when he feared it would "irritate" fans. If you think our 1 out of 10 album rating for their new offering 'Cosmic Egg' is a tad harsh, you can make your own mind up at NME.COM/artists/wolfmother. Pic: Tom Oxley


Despite being dropped from their label, Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong are refusing to buy a one-way ticket to splitsville. Joe puts our mind at rest: "We've still been doing this [being a band], we haven't been lazy. We've been writing music. A year from now there'll be at least an album and a few songs out." Pic: Tim Cochrane

4Hadouken // Liverpool Academy

Even Hadouken!'s frontman James Smith can't listen to the band's first album 'Music For An Accelerated Culture'. Describing it as "immature" and admitting he can no longer put it on his stereo, James is now keen to put the final nail in the new rave coffin with the band's second album, due out next March. Good luck, guys. Pic: Danny North


Graham Coxon is cracking out his "only" anti-war song for War Child collection 'Camden Heroes'. The Blur man's former single 'Sorrow's Army' will appear on the compilation for the charity, who have teamed up with north London's annual music fest, the Camden Crawl. All proceeds from the new pairing will go to the charity. Pic: Dean Chalkley


7Music - T-In The Park 1995

Gaz Coombes from supergrass backstage at the T-In The Park Festival 1995.
The first time Supergrass' Gaz Coombes saw Happy Mondays, he thought they sucked. "Me and Danny [Goffey, Supergrass drummer], must have only been 14 at the time, but we hopped on a bus to Manchester and had a mad old night. Inspiral Carpets were supporting and I actually thought they were better." Pic: PA Photos


Serial project-hopper Brian 'Danger Mouse' Burton has finally made a long-term vow. The gent known for being one half of Gnarls Barkley and producing Gorillaz and The Black Keys has formed a band with The Shins' James Mercer, and both are keen to stress it's more than "just another collaboration". Mercer explains: "It is – for me – a priority. Right now, this is what I'm concentrating on."


You can Join Paramore behind the scenes on their recent NME cover shoot. Find out what went on when we let Hayley Williams loose on a trampoline by heading to NME.COM/video now. Pic: Tom Oxley

10Peter Hook book signing - London

Former New Order bassist Peter Hook signs copies of his book, The Hacienda: How Not To Run A Club, at Fopp in central London.
Ex-New Order man Peter Hook has refused to 'do a Jordan'. Or 'a Kerry Katona'. When we quizzed the former bassist on his new book about The Hacienda, he set the record well and truly straight. "I wrote it and it was fucking hard work. It's taken me three years! It's been one of the toughest things I have ever had to do." Pic: PA Photos

11'E' Mark Everett of The Eels's Signing - London

'E' Mark Everett of The Eels's signs copies of his autobiography 'The Thing the Grandchildren Should Know' and performs an acoustic set at St Jame's Church, Piccadilly in London.
There is no rest for the wicked – or if you're a band member of Eels. Haven taken four years between releasing a record last time, the group have decided they've had enough rest of late and so frontman E has cracked on and the next one 'End Times' is now ready for release on January 18. Nice work. Pic: PA Photos


13JD Set

The Birthday JD Set, rehearsals at The Premises London 7th October 2009. Available for free editorial use.
You could bag a signed Jack Daniel's Fender guitar at NME.COM/win. Earlier this month Jon McClure, Carl Barat and Brett Anderson joined forces to put on a show for whiskey-distilling man Jack Daniel's birthday and we've got our mitts on the very guitar played at the bash. This exclusive Jack Daniel's axe has been signed by Jon, Carl and Brett and is in need of a good home.


A band that prays together stays together. Sharing the same religious belief has kept Paramore inspired – and as a band. Hayley tells us: "It's what has kept us together. If not for the grace we found through our faith we would have given up on each other long ago."