Tommy Cash brings his weird and wonderful world to Electric Castle

The sun has set over Romania’s Electric Castle festival and headliners Florence + the Machine have finished up on the main stage: now it’s time for the late-night fun to begin. As a mix of house and drum and bass DJs come out to play at the various hidden stages and bars across the festival’s sprawling site, something entirely different is happening over in the Hangar.

Hundreds of festivalgoers are cramming themselves into the venue and chants of “Tommy” are echoing around the room. The scores of revellers are all here to see Tommy Cash, and they’re getting impatient.

But, right on time, the lights finally dim and Cash’s DJ saunters on stage. As the opening notes of ‘Mona Lisa’ are played over the gigantic sound system, the crowd transforms into a writhing dance pit with pints being chucked and punters jostling to get closer to the stage — and all this before Cash has even appeared on stage. The entirety of ‘Mona Lisa’ is accompanied by some brilliantly bonkers visuals on the huge screen at the back of the stage and, at the end, an image of Cash as Jesus appears before the lights cut and the Estonian rapper saunters on stage.

Here’s everything that went down at his weird and wonderful late night show.

“My name is Tommy Caaaash”

The Estonian rapper makes a bold fashion statement in his incredibly short shorts and bum-bag combo. When he finally makes it on stage he greets the crowd, before opening with the one-two punch of ‘WAIT a MINUTE! (Intro)’ and ‘Leave Me Alone’.

Video show

Cash’s set is accompanied throughout by elaborate visuals. ‘Cool 3D World’ opens with videos of a pig walking a cat (and increasingly un-wholesome animal videos), and, at one point, bizarre 00s pictures of glamour models holding fish flash up.

Pussy Money Weed

Cash alternates between tunes from last year’s album ‘¥€$’ and debut ‘Euroz Dollaz Yeniz’, as well as his collaborations with other artists like the Modeselektor team-up ‘Who’. But one of the most euphoric moments comes as the opening notes of ‘Pussy Money Weed’ ricochet around the Hangar and the crowd take over from Cash, bellowing back every word.


Taking a break

Midway through the set Cash disappears off stage, leaving his DJ to entertain the crowd while he takes a break. Blasting through floor-fillers like Daft Punk’s ‘Technologic’ and Mason vs. Princess Superstar’s ‘Perfect’, Cash later reappears dancing to his DJ’s mix.

Is it over?

“Do we have more songs or was that it?” Cash asks the crowd halfway through. Much to the audience’s delight, it’s not the end. As the revellers clap, Cash clambers up onto the DJ booth before launching into the Baltic EDM of ‘No Idea’.

‘Winaloto’, sponsored by PornHub

During ‘Winaloto’, several x-rated images appear on screen. “Shout out to my official sponsor, PornHub!” Cash shouts to the crowd. It’s hard to tell if he’s joking.

Time to say goodbye

“I wanna thank… fucking no one! Just me, because I’m the fucking shit!” Cash tells the crowd before he closes his outlandish hour with ‘X-Ray’. Confident? Sure. But, given the chants of “Tommy Cash” which last for several minutes after he’s left the stage, it’s hard to disagree with a thing he’s saying.