These stars really don’t like Piers Morgan

He's not a popular man...

Safe to say, Piers Morgan has an opinion on everything. And whether you like it or not, you best believe Morgan is going to make sure you hear all about it. Recently, iconic mod-rocker Paul Weller revealed he would never “go on ‘Piers Morgan’s Life Stories’ and talk to that c**t.”

Earlier in the year, Morgan faced even stronger criticism for his misguided comments on the Women’s March that took place in January – prompting Trainspotting 2 star Ewan McGregor to pull out of an interview with the controversial broadcaster. But he’s not on his own – these stars too share a bit of a dislike for President Trump’s pal.

Ewan McGregor

After Morgan’s barrage of tweets about the worldwide Women’s Marches the past weekend – McGregor cancelled his appearance on Good Morning Britain in protest against his comments. On Twitter McGregor said: “Was going on Good Morning Britain, didn’t realise @piersmorgan was host. Won’t go on with him after his comments about #WomensMarch”

Jennifer Aniston

In July 2016, Anniston penned an op-ed in response to press attention around a rumoured pregnancy, which she denied and subsequently branded “stalking and objectification”. Morgan, obviously, gave his opinion and said that Aniston was to blame. Aniston replied: “You’re always going to have the Piers Morgans of the world contradicting something that comes from the heart and saying, ‘You’re a hypocrite.'”

Lady Gaga

In December 2016, Gaga revealed that she suffers from PTSD, stemming from a previous sexual assault. Morgan doubted Gaga (“enough of this vain-glorious nonsense”) on Twitter, starting a war of words between the pair. After an offer of an interview with Morgan, Gaga replied, “Let’s do that & yes Mr. Morgan, I can handle u. Surprised you would question that.”


Charlotte Church

The pair have long been at each other’s throats on social media – but Church’s harshest comment was when she called him “a complete f***ing t**t” in an interview with Vice in 2014. He responded by calling her a “D-list” celebrity.

Kim Kardashian

Though Morgan is somewhat obsessed with lecturing at Kim Kardashian, she rarely rises to the bait and responds. However after Kim posted a nude selfie to social media in 2016, he offered to “buy some clothes” for her, to which she responded, “hey @piersmorgan never offer to buy a married woman clothes. that’s on some ashley madison type shit”. He has since suggested that her recent robbery ordeal “could be the best thing” for her.


Soon after Beyonce dropped her most recent album, 2016’s ‘Lemonade’, Morgan criticised her for “shameless exploitation” of the Black Lives Matter cause in the album. UK pop singer Jamelia put Morgan in his place with a response on her personal blog: “I absolutely understand why you didn’t get the Beyoncé album, *newsflash honey*…it wasn’t made for you…and I’m going to need you to be cool with that.”

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

Following boxer Muhammad Ali’s death in June 2016, Morgan said on Twitter that “Ali said far more inflammatory/racist things about white people than Donald Trump ever has about Muslims.” He then asked his followers not to “sugarcoat” himself when he died, which prompted John Legend to suggest that Morgan “test us by announcing your retirement.” A back-and-forth kicked off between Morgan and Legend’s wife and model Chrissy Teigen, with her at one point calling him an “unequivocal douche”.


Lily Allen

The pair have had many a spat over the last few years, with Allen refusing a “yearly invite” to appear on his show, Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, and she recently called him an “old man” when tweeted a picture of the pair together previously.


Morgan has long-held a grudge against Madge, with mainly her fashion choices giving him grief. She didn’t directly call him out following his criticisms (“put it away”) of an outfit at the Met Ball Gala in 2016, but responded to all with a cutting response: “If you have a problem with the way I dress it is simply a reflection of your prejudice”.

Talib Kweli

In 2014, Morgan penned a lengthy piece entitled; ‘If black Americans want the N-word to die, they will have to kill it themselves” and, of course, sparked outrage for its short-sightedness. Hip-Hop artist Talib Kweli responded with an essay calling him out for his assumptions. “Poor Piers Morgan. He doesn’t like hearing the word n*****. It makes him feel icky.” he said in one section.