Twin Peaks UK Fest 2016: Step Into The World Of David Lynch

Last weekend (November 12), hundreds of 'Peakies' gathered in a dingy north London town hall for Twin Peaks UK Fest - the annual convention that celebrates David Lynch's surreal, murder-mystery series from the '90s.

There’s carefully rebuilt sets, special guests from the show and, of course, some damn fine cosplay. Plus loads of other stuff guaranteed to get you dizzy with excitement for next year’s new episodes. This is everything that went down. We’ll see you in the trees…

Twin Peaks Festival London 2016

Twin Peaks Festival London 2016

The inaugural Twin Peaks UK Festival was held in 2010 to mark the twentieth anniversary of the show. Six years later and it’s still going. Not bad for a cult series cancelled due to poor ratings.


The annual Lynch-athon took place in Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre this year. Just a bit different from the series’ mountainous setting…


In the show, The Great Northern hotel was home to one of Twin Peaks’ most complex villains, the scheming local businessman Benjamin Horne. We didn’t spot him here this time though, probably because we were helping ourselves to multiple helpings of…



…Cherry pie! It wouldn’t be Twin Peaks without a cheeky slice of the berry-based confection. Accompanied by a steaming cup of Joe – that’s David Lynch’s own organic coffee, of course.


Remember The Roadhouse? A place of illicit meetings and bar room brawls, the smoky tavern was the perfect spot for a quick drink in between episode screenings.


It even housed a piece of interactive art by Anand Paynter. Based on one of ‘Twin Peaks” most iconic props, the log screamed the closer you got to it.


You couldn’t move for doughnuts at Twin Peaks UK Fest. Special Agent Dale Cooper and Sherriff Harry Truman’s favourite snack, the sugar-coated pastries adorned almost every table.



The main room at Hornsey Town Hall hosted most of the live events – including a special Q&A with two of the series best-loved characters.


That’d be Ian Buchanan and Chris Mulkey, who played wily Brit Dick Tremayne and ex-con Hank Jennings in the original episodes.


A magician, a comic troubadour and an undead burlesque dancer were just some of the mysterious performers at the Double R Club. The award-winning cabaret troupe was led by actor Benjamin Louche, kitted out as Ben from Lynch’s 1986 neo-noir masterpiece ‘Blue Velvet’.


Fancy dress was less an option more a necessity on the day. This is one of the more obscure outfits. A chess piece referencing ultimate crook Windom Earle’s dastardly plans for the Twin Peaks residents.



Just one of the many Shelly Johnsons wandering around on the day. Nadine Hurley, troubled wife of gas station owner Ed, proved a popular costume choice, too.


You didn’t have to stick to ‘Twin Peaks’ characters though. This fan turned up as troubled lounge singer Dorothy Valens from ‘Blue Velvet’. One of the best costumes of the whole event.