Under The Radar: Nova Twins – ‘We’re A 21st Century Band’

“We don’t call ourselves rock or grime,” says 19-year-old bassist Georgia South, although Nova Twins’ music combines both. “It’s the 21st century, everyone’s mutating now. Girls who listen to pop music will have ripped jeans on.” “We’re a 21st century band,” adds singer and guitarist Amy Love, “of this era.”

Hit a Nova Twins gig and you’re caught in the middle of a crossover riot. Georgia’s punishing basslines and Amy’s visceral howls reflect the full-frontal punk attack of Skunk Anansie and Sleigh Bells, yet their streetwise themes and tongue-tripping rhythms align them with the south-London grime scene too.

So, while a track like ‘Hitlist’ bristles with grime braggadocio (“The writing on the wall, you know that my name’s on it”), ‘Wave’ tackles the Snapchat generation’s lack of attention span and ‘Twitch’ addresses mental health issues like a young, double-headed Henry Rollins. Nova Twins are turning the dial. The mutants are coming, and they’re loud and they’re hungry. Mark Beaumont

Nova Twins will be playing at NME presents: Future Sounds of London on 30 Oct at Boxpark Croydon. To be in with a chance of bagging yourself a pair of free tickets, sign up at nme.com/tickets