Vinyl’s Nine Best Musical ‘Cameos’

HBO 70s rock homage ‘Vinyl’ went out with a bang on Monday night, and if you were watching carefully you might have spotted legendary glam rockers New York Dolls lounging in the corner of your screen. It wasn’t the first time an iconic musician’s been reimagined for the show. Everyone from Ziggy Stardust to The King himself popped up for a scene or two. We’ve rounded up the best of the bunch and stuck them in this gallery. Take a look.Viewers can watch all of Vinyl Season 1 on HBO NOW and HBO GO now








Technically not a musician, we've included the cantankerous Colonel Tom Parker's episode seven cameo solely for his mammoth contribution to the industry. Plus it's great fun watching him trundle around sneering down at anyone he doesn't like the look of. Elvis's manager for his entire career, the Colonel is largely responsible for moulding The King into the icon we remember today.



Wafting onto our screens in a haze of smokey, reggae goodness was Bob Marley and the Wailers in 'E.A.B'. Famed Manhattan club Max's Kansas City is the venue, and 'Get Up, Stand Up' and 'Kinky Reggae' are the tunes being played. It serves mostly as a backdrop to more sordid plot developments going on, but is still noticeable all the same.


If you thought the stars couldn't possibly get any bigger than Bowie, then you were in for a shock in episode eight. Just minutes after Bob Marley exits stage right, former Beatle John Lennon and new lover May Pang slide into view. Portrayed during their infamous 'Lost Weekend' of 1972, the couple were taking a much needed break from work.

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