What’s On Your Headphones? Brixton, in partnership with VO5

Your town. Your music. Your style. In partnership with VO5

Daria Mazzocchio
19, student

Listening to:
“It’s very chill and relaxes you a lot.”

Wearing: Vintage jacket, shirt, trousers and shoes from Italy.

Best thing about Brixton: “Franco Manca is the best pizza place in Brixton.”

Best hairstyle in music: “I always used to love Patrick Wolf’s hair.”

Casper Champion
22, stylist and model

Listening to:
“I like the beat.”

Wearing: H&M coat, Zara tracksuit, Nike trainers, MCM bag.

Best thing about Brixton: “It’s a great place to live. Different people, different food, always busy.”

Best hairstyle in music: “Lil Uzi Vert. His style is so different. He’s the man.”

Tamara Martins
22, waitress

Listening to:
How Long
“He’s one of my favourites. A great voice and he writes good songs.”

Wearing: H&M jacket and scarf, skirt from a charity shop, ASOS belt, TK Maxx bag.

Best thing about Brixton: “The culture is great. You meet some really unique people.”

Best hairstyle in music: “Matty Healy from The 1975 has a great look, but I’m not gonna lie – I’m not a fan of his new,
purple hair.”

Daniel Omnes
24, student

Listening to:
Be The One
“It’s a bit cheesy but still amazing.”

Wearing: Vintage coat, Cos jeans, Reebok trainers.

Best thing about Brixton: “Brixton Market has a really good Japanese restaurant called Okan.”

Best hairstyle in music: “Willow or Jaden Smith. Joint first place for both of them.”

Jessica Edwards
24, make-up artist

Listening to:
If I Was Your Girlfriend
“I’ve loved him since I was nine. My dad said that responsible parenting was knowing about Prince.”

Wearing: MissPap jacket, ASOS blouse, Zara jeans, Kurt Geiger boots.

Best thing about Brixton: “I like Blues Kitchen because of the brilliant
live music.”

Best hairstyle in music: “Prince had cool hair.”

Grace Warn
19, student

Listening to:
When You Want To Love
“I saw him support Stevie Wonder at Clapham Common. His basslines are always great.”

Wearing: Monki coat, Jigsaw trousers, Dr. Martens shoes

Best thing about Brixton: “It’s so diverse, there’s always something to do.”

Best hairstyle in music: “It’s got to be
David Bowie”.

Ines Hackou
20, graphic design intern

Listening to:
“Their music videos are so cool. I can’t wait for the new music.”

Wearing: Vintage coat, Reebok trainers.

Best thing about Brixton: “I’d definitely take a friend to Pop Brixton.”

Best hairstyle in music: “I don’t base my look on anyone. It changes all the time.”

Gaetano Signorile
25, photographer

Listening to:
L’Amour Toujours
“I love ’90s music. I’m from Italy and it was really fun there in the ’90s.”

Wearing: Levi’s jacket, Adidas trainers.

Best thing about Brixton: “You have everything you could want right here.”

Best hairstyle in music: “Elvis Presley, of course.”