Mayor of Sheffield bans ‘wasteman’ Donald Trump from city

Magid Magid has spoken out against the US President ahead of visit to UK this month

The Mayor of Sheffield has announced that “wasteman” Donald Trump has been banned from the city.

The US President is set to visit the UK for the first time since being elected on July 13. An online petition opposing his visit has been signed by nearly two million people.

Now, Sheffield mayor Magid Magid has taken to Twitter to make it clear Trump is not welcome in the city. “I Magid Magid, Lord Mayor & first citizen of this city hereby declare that not only is Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) a WASTEMAN, but he is also henceforth banned from the great city of Sheffield!”

He added: “I further declare July 13th to be Mexico Solidarity Day!” In a series of further tweets, the mayor also listed five reasons “(of thousands) why Donald Trump is a WASTEMAN!” They included “for issuing his ridiculous, racist ‘Muslim-ban'”, withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, and enforcing the imprisonment of children at borders, among others.

He also noted five things “we can do to beat Donald Trump”, including joining anti-Trump demonstrations, lobbying government representatives to “take a vocal stand” against the President, and join or donate to organisations fighting against him and his politics.

Meanwhile, actor Susan Sarandon was arrested at an anti-Trump protest in Washington D.C. last week (June 28). The 71-year-old was detained along with over 500 women at a sit-in protesting the immigration policy that has seen children separated from the families at the border between Mexico and America.

Taking to Twitter after she was released, Sarandon wrote: “It was worth it.”