Brit Marling

Brit Marling
Meet the brains behind cult sensation The OA

Strangest Things
The must-watch mystery shows on TV right now

Big Sean
Detroit rapper ready to prove he’s so much more than Kanye’s mate

Return of the Mac
Indie’s favourite slacker, Mac DeMarco, on the creation of third album ‘This Old Dog’

Lena Dunham on Trump and the end of Girls
As the seminal Girls comes to an end after six series, we catch up with the creator Lena Dunham to reflect on 10 years of fearless telly

NME Awards 2017
Harry from Peace on Bands 4 Refugees, the indie royalty covers band playing this years awards

On The Record
Dolly Parton is the hero America needs right now


Brit Marling in The OA

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