Muse’s Most Ridiculous Tour Ever

The UK’s most eccentric rock band let NME behind the scenes of their latest, biggest and boldest tour yet. Plus: Matt, Dom and Chris dissected and all your fan questions answered.

The Secret Diaries Of Grunge

Patty Schemel – former member of grunge group Hole and creator of documentary Hit So Hard – explains what life was like as the third wheel to Kurt and Courtney. Not for the faint hearted.

Everything On Everything Everything
Britain’s weirdest pop merchants are back and… yes, they’re stranger than ever. NME catches up with them at the location of Festival No 6 ahead of the release of their second album.

Rolling Stones On Your Wall!
Amazing posters of The Rolling Stones, aka one of the coolest bands in the history of time!

Crystal Castles Lose It!
Everything goes insane for Crystal Castles as they play their forthcoming new record live. NME is there to report on the gig.

Primal Scream Are Hiring!
If you’re a bassist and fancy playing for Bobby G and co then you’ve missed your chance. They’ve hired a new member. But who is she? Bobby Gillespie’s on the phone, explaining the situation.

Inside Jean-Michael Jarre’s Head!
Need we say anymore? The French composer takes our Braincells test and tries to remember his wedding anniversary. He’s had a few wives…