03 Greedo & Kenny Beats – ‘Netflix & Deal’ review: a gifted storyteller shines throughout this neat conceit

The rapper, currently serving a 20-year stretch, has teamed up with super-producer Kenny Beats to craft an immersive movie-themed mixtape

Before handing himself over to the cops in June 2018, 03 Greedo was a promising new rapper from the West coast. Making auto-tuned vocals great again, his catchy tracks – such as ‘Rude‘ on the standout album ‘The Wolf of Grape Street‘ – went viral. Now, on his new project, he and hip-hop’s most in-demand producer, Kenny Beats, create the soundtrack to Greedo’s favourite pastime: watching Netflix. The rapper is serving a 20-year stretch on drug and firearm charges, but made sure this record was finished beforehand.

When he was living his old life in the trap, Netflix was Greedo’s only real passion. So this mixtape is inspired by some of his favourites. ‘Disco Shit’ sees he flips his all-time favourite movie, 2001’s Blow, into a song that draws parallels between his and the protagonist’s lives. Using key references from the film, Greedo explores the life of a drug lord, weaving a tale that has some moral codes we can all relate to: “Hasta luego, watch the Diegos / FBI waiting – n****s is haters”. We’ve all got a few “Diegos” (or sneaky sell-outs) in our lives, haven’t we?

Greedo and Beats have called in a stellar roster to collaborate on the record. Vince Staples and OhGeesy (of Shoreline Mafia) lend their rapping expertise to the album. On ‘Beg Your Pardon’, Greedo and Houston rapper Maxo Kream beef up their chests atop Beat’s swervy, baleful instrumental, their bravado spilling over the listener. Altogether now: “Excuse me, b*tch, I beg your pardon?”

With his iconic 808 sequences and tag “Woah, Kenny!”, the producer still leaves his mark over the record. The melodically immersive ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’, inspired by the lighthearted film, is short but sweet, as he marries Greedo’s crooning vocals to a symphony of delicate flute notes.

This mixtape is a step away from his usual sunny LA sound, but 03 Greedo knew what he was doing when he enlisted the help of Kenny Beats. This link up has resulted in an entertaining, yet simple record, the concept expertly executed. ‘Netflix and Deal’ is a cinema experience – minus the over-expensive snacks. Just stick your headphones in, and let Greedo be the soundtrack to your own little movie.


  • Release date: November 22
  • Record label: Alamo Records

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