Caleb Kunle – ‘Eden’ EP Review


The Irish newcomer wows on the first attempt with his debut EP

Caleb Kunle is well placed to have a little bit of confidence right now. Having triumphed in our Emerging Artists Project with his stunning entry ‘Another Life’, and being whisked into a London studio to record his debut EP, ‘Eden’, it’d be odd if he wasn’t already full of optimism.

It’s no surprise then, that the first words on Kunle’s debut EP double up as a little self-pat on the back, “if I had the choice, I’d be no-one else but me,” he croons on the soulful opener ‘Eden’. Pairing a steady, D’Angelo-like groove and his own heavenly falsetto vocals, Kunle just being himself is certainly the best path to success.

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Among many reasons, it’s why the four-track release truly excels. Every beat is stuffed with personality, and every line gives a window into Kunle’s life bit-by-bit. Like on ‘Seul’, where he tackles isolation, “I’m all alone in a little treehouse on the edge of town,” he confesses on this brooding, pop number.

Arguably, the EP’s shining moment is the thumping ‘Life Online’, a pop-house banger that questions the relationship with social media. Think Khalid’s breakthrough millennial anthem, ‘Location’, but ready for the club.

‘Boogieman’, a tender acoustic moment showcases Kunle’s raw and stunning natural voice, and acts as a fitting end for an EP that dabbles with several different styles – and manages to nail them all. Going forward, you have to imagine that Kunle’s got plenty more tricks up his sleeve – so it’s no wonder Kunle’s feeling mighty smug.