India Jordan – ‘Watch Out!’ EP review: rave rockets to blow clubbing cobwebs away 

The DJ and producer channels lockdown restlessness into a high-energy EP that explores the concept of movement after a year in lockdown

Things have come to an abrupt standstill over the last year, but rather than letting the pandemic stifle their creativity, India Jordan channelled the collective restlessness into doing what they do best: crafting euphoric hits that both thrive both on the dancefloor and in more reflective moments.

Distilling the pent-up isolation and boredom that’s controlled the past year, the DJ and producer’s new EP picks up where they left off with last year’s ‘For You’. That EP documented their journey to accepting their identity by balancing joyous euphoria with vulnerable emotion; the touching ‘Dear Nan King’, in which they sample cult queer drama Tipping The Velvet, detailing their connection with the song’s titular character.


Watch Out!’ swaps out that long-awaited freedom for instant release. Inspired by head-clearing bike rides around London, rather than the cross-country and international travel, Jordan fittingly describes ‘Watch Out!’ as an homage to both physical and conceptual movement. Such a well executed thematic approach adds more depth to Doncaster-born, London-based Jordan’s brilliant Ninja Tune debut.

Created on a long train journey, the whirlwind breakbeats and cowbell percussion of ‘90s-hardcore-influenced opener ‘Only Said Enough’ unite for an electrifying screamer. ‘And Groove’, meanwhile, is an innovative example of turning a seemingly mundane and repetitive idea into joyous peak-time material. Made during the first lockdown, it’s again reminiscent of that train journey and the rhythmic, propulsive movement. ‘You Can’t Expect The Cars To Stop If You Haven’t Pressed The Button’ – which samples recordings of traffic lights in Peckham and crossings in Dublin – is more experimental: drum pads, laser-like bleeps and faint background noise coalesce wonderfully.

The pace returns on the bouncy ‘Feierabend’, where its swirling synths spiral almost out of control and matching “high-energy” way they approached life pre-pandemic. It reflects their whirlwind personal journey, too. Making music not only helped them to find a level of contentment, but also resulted in them rapidly becoming one of the most intriguing names in the electronic scene. This sequel to last year’s arrival party remains just as potent.

With clubs gearing up to reopen and festivals within touching distance, ‘Watch Out!’s five propulsive tracks couldn’t be landing at a better time. Those hazy, hedonistic nights inside sweaty warehouses are closer now than ever; India Jordan stands ready to welcome you back.


India Jordan Watch Out

  • Record label: Ninja Tune
  • Release date: May 7

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