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Album Reviews

Field Music – ‘Making A New World’ review: a jumbled mish-mash that fails to live up to its promise

The brothers Brewis attempt to trace modern malaise back to WWI. The result is scattershot

Georgia – ‘Seeking Thrills’ review: a jubilant celebration of the dancefloor

The Londoner's second album captures the push and pull of the club with a writerly eye

Bring Me The Horizon – ‘Music To Listen To…’ EP review: a bold experiment from a unique band

This startling EP continues the Sheffield rockers' sonic odyssey into the unknown

Sunday Service Choir – ‘Jesus Is Born’ review: Kanye West-produced album is a festive gateway into gospel

Kanye's been true to his word and delivered a gospel album from his Sunday Service Choir

Kaytranada – ‘Bubba’ review: one of the year’s most addictive club records

Kaytranada's stripped-back follow-up to '99.9%' makes a late surge for the year's most addictive club record

Stormzy – ‘Heavy Is The Head’ review: a broad-reaching, genre-buckling romp

Stormzy's second album is hugely broad-reaching but never gets dull or overstays its welcome

Free Nationals – ‘Free Nationals’ review: Anderson .Paak’s dexterous live band strike out alone

The crooner and rapper's backing band have finally rolled out their own album