1990s: Cookies

1990s: Cookies


Glasgow trio provide the soundtrack to the best party ever

Remember that amazing party you went to when all your best mates turned up, the DJs sounded like they were pulling tunes out of your prized private collection of trashy American proto-punk from the ’70s and the narcotics were supplied in more varieties than one of Keith Richards’ old riders? Jackie McKeown certainly does, because judging by 1990s’ debut album, the toothily blessed singer has enough experience of getting wasted at parties to make the perfect soundtrack to other people’s debauched nights. There’s no awkwardly sober, early-evening chit-chat, asking where you’re originally from, or asking the host if she has any of that nice hummous dip from Tesco – this trio cut straight to the chase with the good-time vibes and Television-style guitar struts of ‘You Made Me Like It’. And from there on in, you know it’s going to be a party album to remember.

McKeown’s former Yummy Fur bandmate Alex Kapranos might well have wanted to make girls dance with Franz Ferdinand, but with tracks like ‘Enjoying Myself’ and The Modern Lovers-loving ‘Switch’, at their best 1990s sound like they could make anyone within earshot overdose on their own serotonin.

Things do sometimes get laboured and one-dimensional. But, there’s a wry Glaswegian humour here, which ensures there are plenty of smiles to go with those dance moves – nowhere more so than on the stomping ‘Cult Status’ in which McKeown takes a swipe at past-it hipsters, culminating in the laugh-out-loud couplet: “My cult status keeps me alive/My cult status keeps me fucking your wife”.

Dig out those old ripped jeans, 1990s are bringing the classic rock’n’roll party back into your living room as of tonight. No, as of right now.

Hardeep Phull