2:54 – ‘The Other I’

2:54 - 'The Other I'


The Thurlow sisters add poetry to their shadowy pop on album number two

After the release of 2:54’s debut in 2012, sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow unsurprisingly found their bond strengthened by their band. This expansive second album – its title inspired by poet Percy Bysshe Shelley – is the product of that increased intimacy. As well as exploring the telepathy between them, it injects literacy into their shadowy pop, and the lyrics are just as windswept and brooding as the compositions. Wonderfully sparse This Mortal Coil throwback ‘Tender Shoots’ sees Colette on “the edge of a collapsing world”, while on ‘The Monaco’ – a tribute to a peaceful, mountain-enclosed Salt Lake City hotel – she imagines that “the ground beneath my feet has swallowed me whole”. However, ‘The Other I’ occasionally struggles for focus. At times its Cure guitars, thudding drums and eerie vocals get lost amid the fog (‘In The Mirror’, ‘South’). But when it finds a solid rock stomp, as on ‘Crest’ or ‘Raptor’, 2:54 loom like a monster in the mist.


Director: 2:54, James Rutledge
Record label: Bella Union
Release date: 10 Nov, 2014