30 Seconds To Mars: A Beautiful Lie


Yet another actor-turned rocker. Yawn)

Maybe he’s getting into character for his forthcoming role as John Lennon’s killer, Mark Chapman, in new biopic Chapter 27. Whatever, on his band’s second album, Jared Leto is, like, seriously pissed off. And what do 35-year-old Hollywood actors do when they’re pissed off? Why, don a beanie hat, perfect their most tortured emo whine (sample lyric: “What if I fell to the floor/Couldn’t take it anymore?”) and squeeze out studio-sheened electro-shlock-rock turds such as ‘Attack’ and ‘Was It A Dream?’, that’s what. Myopic and utterly joyless throughout, it’s hard to imagine anyone actually wanting to listen to ‘A Beautiful Lie’. Apart from Jared Leto, that is.

Rick Martin