Album Review: 6 Day Riot – On This Island (Tantrum)

Album Review: 6 Day Riot - On This Island (Tantrum)


In the wake of Mumford fever, 6 Day Riot have all the hallmarks of being the next big thing

In the midst of the world going absolutely potty for [a]Mumford & Sons[/a], surely now there’s at least an outside chance [a]6 Day Riot[/a] could be swept away from a perennial mid-afternoon slot at Green Man festival and into the (relatively) wider public’s consciousness? They have folk-authenticity in spades: singer Tamara Schlesinger has a way with a confessional (‘[b]I Am You, You Are Me[/b]’, ‘[b]To See Your Face[/b]’), her bandmates know how to conjure rousing-yet-sophisticated backing (single ‘[b]Take Me[/b]’, the closing ‘[b]Without These Words[/b]’), and the presence of mariachi horns on several songs adds further oomph to their sound.

[b]Hamish MacBain[/b]