Album Review: Digitalism – ‘I Love You Dude’

Album Review: Digitalism - 'I Love You Dude'


Album title aside, not a bad listen

This has got to be the worst album title so far this year. The German duo changed it from the mooted [b]‘Tourism’[/b] to give more of an impression of the euphoric, pilled-up vibe. Yet cringingly vibed-up first words aside – where we’re also leaving the Eurovision cheese of [b]‘2 Hearts’[/b] – the follow-up to 2007’s debut, [b]‘Idealism’[/b], is not all bad.

[b]‘Forrest Gump’[/b] – co-written by Julian Casablancas via email – is indie electronica with legs that could creep up on the outside as a sleeper summer hit; [b]‘Reeperbahn’[/b] comes on like The Prodigy ripping up a zombie apocalypse, and [b]‘Just Gazin’’[/b] is saucer-eyed stupefaction. Love may be too strong a word, but this is alright, dude.

Jamie Crossan