Album review: A Hawk And A Hacksaw

Album review: A Hawk And A Hacksaw



All too often Western engagement with international sounds is superficial. By contrast, A Hawk And A Hacksaw continue to immerse themselves so thoroughly in Europe’s eastern fringes that they follow a local tradition of necking shots of Palinka brandy before starting work. AHAAH join Budapest residents The Hun Hangár Ensemble for a boozy tour around Hungary, Romania, Turkey and the Balkans. Fiddle, accordion and sultry rhythms get the village sweating forth the next generation in ‘Foni Tu Argile’, while ‘Kertész’ is a wonky-hoofed donkey gallop and ‘Turkiye’ a beehive with access to brass. ‘Délivrance’ is a booze-stained postcard with unusual postmarks and “wish you were here” written in bold on the back.

Luke Turner

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