Album review: Abe Vigoda – Crush (Bella Union)

Album review: Abe Vigoda - Crush (Bella Union)


What have Abe Vigoda been doing since 'Skeleton'? Making dark, brooding punk music, that's what

Since the release of ’08’s ‘[b]Skeleton[/b]’, LA quartet [a]Abe Vigoda[/a] have quit their day jobs, got skint really fast and made a shiny new album of dark, experimental punk that’d have any exotic-goth DJ hitting repeat. Hear ‘[b]November[/b]’, possible proof that [a]David Bowie[/a] accidentally swallowed a set of bagpipes while necking a fruity cocktail under the strobe lights in a morbid disco dance routine. This is technically the fourth full-length they’ve released, and it seems AV don’t quite reinvent themselves under pressure so much as contort themselves into bigger, better and weirder ways to take everybody’s ears on a massive tangent. Weird, but definitely pretty awesome.

[b]Kelly Murray[/b]

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