Album Review: Active Child – ‘You Are All I See’

Album Review: Active Child - 'You Are All I See'


A stand out bedroom producer

There’s been a recent glut of pasty bedroom boys making watered-down attempts at the sounds of a holy trinity of cultish female R&B singers ([a]Aaliyah[/a], [b]Cassie[/b] and [b]Amerie[/b]), but Pat Grossi stands out. While ‘[b]Hanging On[/b]’ and ‘[b]Playing House[/b]’ tip their hat to the aforementioned ladies’ smooth grooves, Grossi’s sonic palette stretches far wider. ‘[b]Ancient Eye[/b]’ sounds like ’70s Italian proggers [b]Goblin[/b] meeting the city-chilled softness of [b]The Blue Nile[/b], and ‘[b]See Thru Eyes[/b]’ blends the drums of the Top Gun OST with subtler, more kosmische strains. The epic emoting can feel a tad weighty towards the end, but you’re left with a solid impression of who [a]Active Child[/a] is, rather than who he wants to be.

[i]Laura Snape[/i]


Director: Ariel Rechtshaid
Record label: Vagrant
Release date: 24 Oct, 2011