Adam Green & Binki Shapiro – ‘Adam Green & Binki Shapiro’

Adam Green & Binki Shapiro - 'Adam Green & Binki Shapiro'


The subtle, sleepy, silkily textured are a sweet breeze

Adam Green, pal of The Strokes and former Moldy Peach, has hooked up with Binki Shapiro, former collaborator with Fabrizio Moretti in the luscious Little Joy, to tread dangerous ground. The old Nancy & Lee sultry-country patch is well-worn, and steering clear of godawful She & Him tweeness takes a deft hand and just the right balance of eeriness and ease. You’d think 31-year-old New Yorker Green, who’s often strayed into try-hard ‘I shagged a giraffe, ma!’ alt-folk wackiness, would stumble. But the subtle, sleepy, silkily textured likes of ‘Pity Love’ and the spry, sly ‘Just To Make Me Feel Good’ are a sweet breeze.

Emily Mackay