Album Review: Adventure – Lesser Known (Carpark)

Album Review: Adventure - Lesser Known (Carpark)


Moments of promise lost in the blink of an eye

It’s no surprise to find Baltimore’s Benny Boeldt, labelmate and pal of [a]Toro Y Moi[/a], still firmly rooting his [a]Adventure[/a] project in ’80s retro-pop. Bright Technicolor subverts [b]‘Feels Like Heaven’[/b]’s clanking machinery and adorns [b]‘Smoke And Mirrors’[/b]’ coiffed and couth [a]Pet Shop Boys[/a]-cum-Brooklyn disco. What disappoints, though, is how numbingly comfortable he is within these nostalgic boundaries.

Which is frustrating given that [b]‘Lesser Known’[/b] occasionally shows glimpses of real promise. In [b]‘Another World’[/b]’s circling synths, and [b]‘Electric Eel’[/b]’s sprawling seven minutes of dense electronic dissonance lie a more serrated edge, something that’d be well worth future exploration.

Simon Jay Catling

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