Album Review: Aids Wolf – March To The Sea (Skin Graft)

Album Review: Aids Wolf - March To The Sea (Skin Graft)


A mixed bag from the Canadian noise merchants

[b]Brass Eye[/b]’s Chris Morris might frame the question thus: good [a]Aids Wolf[/a] or bad [a]Aids Wolf[/a]? Yet there’s no conclusive answer here, since the Canadian noise merchants’ third album is quite the mixed bag. Certainly, there’s plenty to revel in, not least the caustic onslaught of ‘[b]Such Is Happiness[/b]’, the thrilling way that mellow basslines give way to flailing chaos on ‘[b]Very Friendly[/b]’, and the sheer frenetic energy of ‘[b]Teaching To Suffer[/b]’. But weighing against this are brutal truths: singer Chloe Lum is deeply in debt to [b]Melt-Banana[/b]’s Yasuko Onuki, and while her band work in the same space as [b]Afrirampo[/b], they simply aren’t able to muster the same passion.

[b]Ash Dosanjh[/b]

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