Ali Love – ‘P.U.M.P’

Ali Love - 'P.U.M.P'


For the most part, Ali Love's second album comes on crasser than a sleepover round Miley Cyrus' house

After an early career as a ketamine-confused art punk stuck in his ‘K-Hole’, Ali Love’s work with Hot Natured, cameo on The Chemical Brothers’ Do It Again’ and co-write on Justice’s 2011 banger ‘Civilization’ earned the London scenester and DJ some much needed credibility. Up until then he’d become more famous for falling out of celebrity hangouts with girlfriend Mischa Barton than penning a decent tune. Unfortunately ‘P.U.M.P’, his first album in four years, is almost as dreadful as his 2010 debut ‘Love Harder’. ‘P.U.S.S.Y.’ for instance comes on crasser than a sleepover round Miley Cyrus’ house. ‘Surrender’ sees him channeling Bobby Brown (but not in a good way) while ‘Ride On’ is about as interesting as an empty dance floor. When he does delve into old skool acid house territory (‘JESUSONACID’ and ‘City Clouds’) Love finally delivers. It’s just a shame he doesn’t continue on that trip.

Damian Jones


Record label: Crosstown Rebels
Release date: 11 Jul, 2014