Album Review: Alias – ‘Fever Dream’

Album Review: Alias - 'Fever Dream'


Lush, psychedelic, and often funky

It is unfortunate for [a]Alias[/a] that he is so closely linked to the highly regarded Anticon label and the ever-changing world of underground hip-hop. In that context, this album, for all its undoubted charms, sounds like a record that is behind the times. [b]‘Fever Dream’[/b] sees him desert the boom-bap quantized beats for which he has become known in favour of post-[a]Flying Lotus[/a] lolloping percussion and woozy sample collages. The results are lush, psychedelic, often funky and always immaculately produced. But compared to, say, [b]‘Cosmogramma’[/b], it sounds unadventurous and polite, as if [a]Alias[/a] has grasped the sound of Fly-Lo et al rather than the spirit.

Ben Cardew