All The Young – ‘Welcome Home’

All The Young - 'Welcome Home'


Crushed by overly oppressive production

It must be wonderful being Stoke’s All The Young, for whom life seems to have no further extremities than the beginning of ‘Morning Glory’ and the end of ‘Champagne Supernova’. On paper, it sounds like it should be a brilliant idea for a band, but things get problematic when they go in feet-first with second-album bombast on what is only their debut. All The Young’s quiffs look almost as expensive as the overly oppressive production, which often crushes the decent-enough songs under its weight. But when they pull off The Full Gallagher as seductively as on the storming rock of ‘The Horizon’, you’d have be a massive douche bag to resist too hard.

[i]Dan Martin[/i]


Director: Garth Richardson
Record label: 14th Floor
Release date: 02 Apr, 2012