Allah-Las – ‘Worship The Sun’


The LA crate-diggers lack the warmth and excitement of their debut on follow-up effort

Allah-Las’ 2012 debut album was a coming together of the fuzz-laden influences they’d picked up working in LA record store Amoeba Music. ‘Worship The Sun’ continues that approach, sounding more cohesive in the process. Somehow, though, it’s also more sluggish – their ‘60s indebted garage-rock drags where once it excited. ‘De Vida Voz’ begins promisingly with thwacking distortion, but that subsides too soon and the yawning backing vocals on ‘Had It All’ are like a drawn out sigh. Instrumentals ‘Ferus Gallery’ and ‘Yemeni Jade’ are pretty enough, but the lack of vocals is too conspicuous. The only time their debut’s warmth is rekindled is on the snappy ‘501-415’. Allah-Las might benefit from digging a different crate.


Record label: Innovative Leisure
Release date: 22 Sep, 2014