Album Review: Allo Darlin’ – ‘Allo Darlin” (Fortuna Pop!)

Album Review: Allo Darlin' - 'Allo Darlin'' (Fortuna Pop!)


Fortune doesn't always favour the brave

Australian singer Elizabeth Morris recently quit her job as a waitress in a north London café but before she did she evidently picked up some [b]Kate Nash[/b]-ish not-quite-there rhyming habits. For that bravery alone, we really wish that we could get to like this album and its lingering summer innocence/[b]Pipettes[/b]-style retro swoons. But even that fails to deter from the fact that, in places, [b]Allo Darlin’[/b] sound like [b]The Beautiful South[/b] playing for an early ’90s Christian book fair in a British seaside resort on the south coast. It’s not offensive; it’s just way too MOR for us to iPod this beast and drift off into a summer daydream while licking a Mr Whippy. Shame that.

[b]Kelly Murray[/b]

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